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Take help from us, we are the most professional and reliable auto locksmith services throughout Los Angeles.

Nothing throws a wrench into your schedule like losing your keys or locking them in your car. If you’re in or near Los Angeles, there’s only one locksmith you should call upon to open a locked car: Channel Lock & Security. As the area’s leading car locksmith, our team at Channel Lock & Security can get you out of a jam fast.

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Locked Out of Car

Need help unlocking your car? Contact us for fast lockout & key malfunction assistance from our professionals.
Keys Locked inside Car

We’ve all been there. Call the pros and get this handled quickly.

Car Door Lock Change

We can change door locks on vehicles. Call us to see if we are able to change your lock.
Car Key Duplication

We have the ability to duplicate your car key.
Jammed Car Door Lock Fix

Is your car door jammed or is your lock stuck? Call us so we can get a professional to get your door open. 

Car Lock Picking

We are able to pick antique car parts and locks. Contact Us today to hear about your project.

Lost Car Keys

If you lost your car keys we are here to help. Contact us today so we can get you a new set of keys.

Motorcycle Locksmith / Motorcycle Keys Made

We do motorcycles too! We can help with your motorcycle locks and ignitions.

Broken Car Key Extraction

If you accidentally broke your car key, don’t worry we have seen this before. We have the skills, tools, and experience to get any key out.
VATS (Vehicle Anti-theft System)

We install VATS in vehicles. Contact us today to get a quote for a system.

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